Identiity Management

At By Design we use every opportunity to translate your core brand personality into a multi-dimensional experience, creating an impact that will elicit a powerful response from your target market. We work with clients to develop and revitalize visual identities to be a true reflection of what the companies or brands are, and most importantly, how they want to be perceived.

Identity creation
Identity creation is not just an art and science at By Design but a logic driven procedure that combines both, through specially created tools.

The Creation Process
  • We begin with what values the brand brings to the table and what the expectations are.
  • We determine the values a consumer is looking for in the product category and the image that has to be portrayed.
  • We translate the core personality into a distinct identity.
  • We evolve the brand identity into logo designs, product catalogues, retail identity, packaging and all other communication.

Packaging Design

Communication Design

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