By Design: The Best Integrated Marketing Services in The Industry


By Design: The Best Integrated Marketing Services in The Industry

By Design Branding is a leading creative agency in Mumbai that specializes in integrated marketing solutions. Their specialized verticals include Branding, Packaging, Mass Media campaigns, and targeted digital campaigns among others.
If you need a comprehensive approach to marketing your products & services and building your brand, then By Design Branding is the go-to creative agency in Mumbai for you. We create tailored and integrated marketing solutions that meet your needs and help you become a market leader in your business niche. 

By Design Branding- Provider of 360-degree Integrated Marketing Solutions

By Design Branding is a leading creative agency in Mumbai that is, in effect, a brand strategy agency, video production agency, packaging design agency and digital marketing agency rolled into one. Our multi-channel approach allows us to become an integrated marketing agency that works as a custodian of your brand. This helps us cohesively manage content, communication, advertising, outreach, and brand development for our clients to get results that exceed their expectations by a mile.



By Design Branding- Resources for Effective Integrated Marketing Solutions

As a leading creative agency in Mumbai, we bring together varied resources that help us create integrated marketing solutions that are efficient, effective, and successful. These resources include brand strategists, designers, copywriters, digital marketing specialists, planners, and client servicing managers that work together to create seamlessly integrated marketing solutions. 


By Design Branding- What Differentiates Us

Our top-notch team of visionary and experienced professionals is what makes us the leading creative agency in Mumbai. Our innovative and inspired professionals enable us to provide a comprehensive strategic approach to our clients' integrated marketing strategies. 
We start by analyzing your target market and current market trends in your niche. This in-depth research and our all-around expertise allow us to create integrated marketing campaigns tailored to your industry needs. By Design Branding, a leading creative agency in Mumbai provides cutting-edge services with the best techniques that deliver results and help you achieve the most.


By Design Branding- What We Offer 

By Design Branding provides integrated marketing solutions that target all the marketing channels used by your potential customers. This holistic approach focuses on communicating with your target audience through branding, packaging design, advertising, mass media communication, and digital channels. Our all-around omnichannel marketing and branding strategies drive engagement and increase your sales and conversions exponentially.

Here is a brief overview of the services we provide.

a. Brand Strategy- We craft branding strategies that help your brand differentiate its products and services from the competition. As a top creative agency in Mumbai, we create powerful brand messages for you that connect positively with your target audience.
b. Product Packaging Design- At By Design Branding, we create product packaging design for your products that is appealing, informative, practical, functional, reusable, sustainable, and with a high positive recall value. We transform your product packaging design into a powerful marketing tool that increases sales and enhances your brand value.
c. Digital Marketing Services- Our comprehensive marketing services include blogging, SEO, SEM, Performance Marketing, Programmatic ads, web development, competitor analysis, etc. that deliver your brand objectives and increase conversions and sales.
d. Video Production- As a video production agency, we create video ads, animation, digital films, etc. that build engagement with your brand. Remember the quirky Syska and Panasonic campaigns, that was our doing too. 
e. Creative Agency Services- As a top creative agency in Mumbai, our integrated marketing solutions combine all the nuances of brand building and broadcasting compelling messages through channels best suited for the purpose. We create compelling copy and creatives, a persuading tone of voice, and impactful visual language that delivers a powerful message to your audience.


Final Thoughts

By Design Branding is a leading creative agency in Mumbai that provides the best integrated marketing services in the industry. Through our integrated approach, we empower your brand, grow your influence and move your customers to action. With us, you get the integrated marketing partner you were looking for that helps you achieve your desired outcomes.


Q. 1. What is an integrated marketing agency?
Ans. Integrated marketing agencies like By Design Branding create & execute holistic marketing campaigns. They provide 360-degree marketing solutions that include elements like branding, PR, packaging, and digital campaigns among others. This wholesome marketing strategy cohesively targets potential customers across all channels.

Q. 2. Why should you choose an integrated marketing agency?
Ans. Integrated marketing agencies provide a well-rounded approach to marketing. They craft marketing strategies that create effortless synergy between your offline and digital marketing efforts. This ensures that all your marketing efforts are focused on your target audience. By Design Branding is a top creative agency in Mumbai that provides integrated marketing solutions. Their comprehensive marketing strategy includes solutions like traditional advertising, digital services, video production, PR and branding, etc. so you can reach your target market effectively and achieve your marketing goals.

Q. 3. What is a branding package?
Ans. A branding package is a collection of assets that create a uniform language of your brand. This is a coming together of separate resources under a branding package umbrella with a uniform style and idea. These assets include printed, digital and physical resources like typography, responsive logo variations, color palettes, style guides, and graphic elements, etc. that create brand consistency.

Q. 4. What are the 3 rules of branding?
Ans. The 3 rules of branding that By Design Branding follows are:
a. Recognition- that creates a distinct identity for the brand.
b. Reputation- that denotes high quality and builds customer loyalty.
c. Recall value- that influences customers' positive associations and feelings with the brand.

Q. 5. How do branding agencies get paid?
Ans. There are several pricing models for branding agencies. They can charge a fixed rate for campaigns, hourly rates, or charge a fee on a retainer basis. There are also value-based pricing models, where the agencies charge on the ROI generated, thus sharing risks and rewards.

Q. 6. Do I need to brand my logo?
Ans. Branding and trademarking your logo certifies your ownership. You get intellectual property rights over your logo and get legal protections over its use.