Blog Marketing Strategy for Growth in 2023


Why Blogging is Important: A Blog Marketing Strategy for Growth

A stale website is a business owner's worst nightmare. 

Only regular and consistent blogging will keep your content and as a result your website fresh.

A blog marketing strategy for any industry or business vertical gives tremendous returns.

Blogs for marketing help you engage with your audience, increase high-value website traffic and improve conversions.

Why use Blogs for Marketing? Some Important Stats.

Why use Blogs for Marketing? Some  Important Stats.

Have a look at some of the statistics in support of creating a successful blog marketing strategy for your business.

77 per cent of online viewers consume blogs in some form.

Around 1/3rd of all websites worldwide are blogs.

As per HubSpot, around 88% of B2B businesses embrace blog marketing strategy as an essential content marketing tactic.

Around 81% of Indian online consumers refer to blogs before making a purchase.

An effective blog marketing strategy will generate 67% more leads for you than conventional means.

Blogs for marketing will help improve your ROI 13x.

Are you sold on reading these brief stats that support how essential it is to incorporate blogs for marketing into your strategy?

Need for Creating a Blog Marketing Strategy

Let's focus on how blogs for marketing are essential for your website and business.

1. Increased Website Traffic & Higher Ranking

Every time you post a blog, you generate an additional page on your site.

This page includes valuable information for your customers along with relevant keywords they are searching for. 

You can further optimize your blog's images, title tags, and meta descriptions for SEO. 

You get extra exposure, increased visibility, and an updated website that appears fresh to viewers.

This gives you a tremendous opportunity to rank higher on search engines, generate higher website traffic and acquire new readers and customers.

Blogs for Marketing

2. Nurturing Leads and Conversions through Engagement

A good blog marketing strategy helps you connect with your audience and create an online community.

You get to interact with your audience through comments, and feedback and create strong connections in the process.

Use blogs for marketing to inform and educate your audience about your products and services.

Publish informative posts that show how your business can help your audience base and make their life easier.

This helps you generate leads and drive conversions leading to higher revenue.

Blogs for Marketing

3. Blogging Builds Brand Awareness and Identity 

Blogging helps you create a brand identity through fantastic story-telling and custom narratives.

This helps your audience relate to you and build a connection. 

An effective blog marketing strategy helps personalize your brand and develops a strong brand identity.

Blogs for Marketing

4. Blogging Helps You Become an Industry Expert

With consistent blogging, you build awareness about your business and brand.

This helps you demonstrate your knowledge and abilities to your target audience.

Through responsive, responsible, and ethical blogging you create a brand voice that is real and rooted in authenticity.

Writing about relevant industry topics, customer pain points, and their resolutions helps develop trust, and credibility in your brand.

You emerge as an industry expert and build a loyal audience base of recurring customers.

Blogs for Marketing

5. Free Advertising

Blogs for marketing help you get wider reach and free publicity through comments, shares, mentions, etc. 

This economizes your advertising costs while also increasing your brand awareness.

Blogs for Marketing

6. Audience Insight

Blogging helps you get distinct insights into your audience's pain points, wants, and responses.

Through topic & keyword research and blog analytics, you discover more about your customers. 

This helps you perfect your content and create curated marketing strategies that lead to higher conversions.

Blogs for Marketing

7. Additional Revenue Generation

Blogs for marketing can help you generate revenue through alternate means as well. This includes revenue from referrals, affiliate links, sponsored content, and selling ad space.

Blogs for Marketing

How to Create a Blog Marketing Strategy that Works

Here are steps to create a successful blog marketing strategy that gives you monumental results.

1. Pick a Niche

First of all, pick a niche related to your industry where you have a high level of expertise.

2. Blog Setup

Choose from different blogging platforms like WordPress, Wix, Drupal, Ghost, Squarespace, etc.

Choose a domain name for your blog that is easy to remember, descriptive, and also related to your business vertical.

Select layouts and designs that are appealing to your viewers and provide a good customer experience.

Go for a reliable hosting service that helps you project a professional image and retain control over your intellectual property.

Put security measures, optimize your website, and set up analytics tools to monitor your blog performance.

3. Create Content

Choose topics within your niche that are popular and have a high recall value. 

Write blogs that are interesting, engaging, unique, and informative.

Your blogs should educate and entertain your customers while resolving their pain points and making their life easier.

Include images, and infographics to create visually appealing posts.

4. Blog Updates and Promotion

Create an effective blog marketing strategy through updates and promotions. 

Keep your blog active by regularly publishing articles.

Rework, optimize and update your older blogs so they gain traction and get more views.

Promote your blogs through social media channels, email campaigns, and answering questions on sites such as Reddit and Quora.

Collaborate with bloggers and influencers in your niche to get more visibility.

This helps you reach a wider audience, create a community and a loyal following centered around your organization.

5. Adding Income Streams

Your blogs for marketing, while complementing your business, can also provide additional income streams.

Use your blogging space for affiliate & referral marketing, through ad networks and programmatic media buying platforms.

Google AdSense, Adform, Adobe Advertising Cloud, and DV 360, are some examples of these platforms.

What's Next?

Now, you are all set to launch your blog and boost your brand presence. 

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