How have Syska LED Ads Created a Lasting Impression


How Have Syska's Ads Created A Lasting Impression In The Minds Of Indian Consumers

In recent years, the brand Syska has gained widespread recognition in India. The business specializes in creating cutting-edge LED lighting systems and personal care items. 

Innovative, artistic, and captivating advertising campaigns from Syska have left a lasting effect on Indian customers.

Brands frequently rely on brand ambassadors in advertising to market their goods and services. 

Syska, a well-known Indian company that sells mobile accessories, personal care items, and LED lighting solutions, has also used brand ambassadors to promote its goods. 

Let’s talk about Syska's brand ambassador, the stars of its LED commercials, and some of its most memorable LED Ads.

What is Syska LED?

Syska LED is a brand that offers a wide range of LED lighting solutions for various applications. The brand is owned by the Syska Group, which is a leading player in the Indian lighting industry.

The Syska Group now also offers products like personal care appliances, mobile accessories, and security solutions. 

Syska’s Brand Ambassadors

The company has a strong presence in India and has been associated with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Presently, actor Rajkummar Rao has been chosen as the brand ambassador for Syska LED and is the company's new face. Rao collaborates closely with the business to advocate Syska’s product range in the LED and fan markets.

Rao, one of today's most adaptable performers, is popular with the general public due to his unique movie preferences. 

He connects well with urban viewers and those in Tier 2 and Tier 3 areas, who account for a sizable portion of Syska's intended audience.

The company was searching for a vibrant and well-liked brand ambassador who is as native to and accurate to the Syska brand after the previous Syska brand ambassador Irrfan Khan's tragic death. 

Rao, who made his film debut in India, won universal praise for his perfect performances. Similarly, Syska has rapidly expanded to become the nation's leading provider of LED lighting. 

The similarities between the two made it clear that the actor would be a great brand ambassador.

Syska LED’s Past Campaigns

Syska is best known for developing witty and effective advertising campaigns for its products.

Its commercials influence customers and have gained popularity as their top lighting choice. Here are a few iconic ads to recount:

#1. Syska…Harr Shaam Aapke Naam!

This ad featured Irrfan Khan, their first brand ambassador who was part of numerous Syska LED films. The promo was played on movie screens and broadcast channels too and was a huge hit with audiences. 

The advertising aims to draw attention to the distinctive qualities of the LED lights Syska launched to the Indian market over the holiday season. Irrfan’s wry manner of dialogue delivery coupled with the straightforwardness with which he presented himself, lent credibility to the brand for years and is still fondly remembered by audiences.

#2. Syska… Wireless nahin… Wire more!’

Amitabh Bachchan, a legendary actor, was also a brand ambassador for Syska Wires and appeared in their product launch film. 

The campaign aimed to draw attention to the distinctive qualities of the cutting-edge product line that Syska offered in the Indian market and would uniquely distinguish the Wires category.

#3. Light Of Love

The main goal of this digital campaign's conception was to promote love by using LED lights to display and raise awareness of it. 

To effectively reach the digital audience, who spend the majority of their time on social media and other digital platforms, the brand concentrates on the foundation of digital. 
It ensured that the digital campaign celebrates the love of light in the Syska manner. The imaginative story seeks to depart from conventional notions of romantic love and praises various types of love. 

With a touching, heartfelt short that focused on the enduring friendship of two longtime friends who have supported one another through the tough times, Syska LED tapped into this sentiment.

More Syska LED Ads

The advertising strategy for Syska has also been effective in raising brand recognition. "Syska LED. Light Years Ahead’ has come to represent the business. 

The jingle has been used in all of Syska's LED ads and has helped leave a lasting impact on viewers.

A Little About Syska LED’s Marketing Strategy & its Success.

Product Features

It offers advantages like reliability, long-lasting materials, quality-tested goods, and attractive designs. 

Due to its superior service, timely delivery, and cutting-edge technology, Syska has a more significant competitive advantage in the consumer market thanks to innovative products. 

Competitive Pricing

Syska has beaten most of its competing brands because of its excellent product quality and reasonable pricing. Several competing brands that sell comparable products compete with it on the price parameter.

Syska has developed a reasonable pricing strategy to give it an edge over opponents in the consumer market. Consumers may purchase it because the prices are so affordable. 

Also, all of its items come with a two-year warranty and are energy-efficient, so purchasing Syska products over time is advantageous because they naturally begin to reduce costs.

Promotion Strategy

Syska is a well-known brand with an aggressive marketing strategy to increase its consumer visibility. It has run endearing and educational advertising campaigns. 

Syska also adopted a strong social media strategy and runs product awareness campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and its website. 
The brand periodically gives product price cuts as part of the promotional campaign.

What’s our take?

The company's advertising efforts have made a lasting impact, underlining the advantages of utilizing Syska LED lighting solutions. 
Their memorable tagline, catchy films and strategic choice of ambassadors has also aided in building brand recognition and establishing the company's position as a trustworthy participant in the Indian market.