Creative Packaging Design: the forgotten marketing medium


Creative Packaging Design: The Forgotten Marketing Medium

Product packaging is usually not prioritized as a marketing medium. Even when, it is the first tangible encounter a customer has with your brand. Also, product packaging design is directly related to sales of your products through all channels. Creative packaging is a powerful marketing medium that advertises your products at all times, starting from retail stores to the customer's houses. Before we go any further, let's know more about creative packaging design below.

What is Creative Packaging Design?

Creative packaging design is the coming together of design, colors, images, and materials to create effective product packaging. It is a physical representation of your brand that appeals to and attracts consumers while keeping your products safe and secure.
Creative packaging improves the user experience and helps them engage more with your brand.

Why The Need for Creative Packaging Design?

Creative packaging design is a marketing medium that gives results on multiple fronts simultaneously. Here is how creative packaging helps achieve your marketing goals.

1. Best packaging design improves product visibility and increases brand recognition. 

2. Creative packaging is a make-or-break factor, especially for new product launches. Its use of optimum product packaging materials and design sensibilities creates visually appealing solutions that attract customers. 

3. Creative packaging creates a perception of quality product and the benefits and value it offers. Creative packaging with its use of innovative designs and materials creates interest in your products and increases your sales.

4. Creative packaging conveys your brand identity and highlights your products' Unique Selling Proposition. Well-made product packaging builds customer loyalty and improves sales.

5. Best packaging designs provide cost-effective solutions that are sustainable and also save on shipping and storage costs. 

6. Premium creative packaging improves the customer retention rate, along with free word-of-mouth publicity.

7. Sustainable product packaging design also leads to indirect advertising through consumers reusing packaging boxes and containers after purchase.

8. Best packaging design improves social media engagement as well. Consumers and influencers increasingly share unopened products, and unboxing videos especially with attractive and creative packaging over their social media channels.

How Creative Packaging Helps Your Business?

Product packaging design is an important factor to consider for your business. It keeps your products secure and is the first introduction a consumer has to your products. Let's look at different ways that product packaging helps your business.

1. It’s Essential Function 
Best packaging design ensures the basic functionalities of packaging are followed at all times. These are storing, transporting and protecting, and safeguarding your products till the time the end user opens them.

2. Product Promotion
Creative packaging design ensures your products are displayed and promoted as they are meant to be. Through effective product packaging design your customer understands what exactly they are getting. If intended, they also get all the relevant information and description of the components on the packaging itself.

3. Increases Brand Awareness
Best packaging design ensures that your product packaging has brand elements like brand name, logo, and color elements in it. This creates a clear and consistent impression that defines your brand. This further makes your products immediately recognizable to the customers. Creative packaging design creates an emotional connection that builds a lasting relationship between your brand and your customers.

4. Attracts Potential Buyers
Creative packaging design targets customers with styles and colors that appeal to them. High-quality and attractive product packaging draws in customers and nudges them to choose your products over others.

5. Enhances Consumer Experience
Well-made and attractive product packaging that is practical and functional enhances the consumer experience. Sustainable, reusable, and environment-friendly product packaging creates a favorable impression of your brand and provides numerous free advertising opportunities as well. 

By Design Packaging- Product Packaging that Delivers Results 

By Design packaging works by formulating creative packaging designs that increase your brand recognition and visibility exponentially. We create eye-catching, functional, and unforgettable product packaging that conveys your brand promise and significantly increases your sales.

Through design intelligence and in-depth market research, By Design packaging creates the best packaging designs for your business that are unique, practical, and memorable. Here is how By Design packaging crafts effective and creative packaging that helps your products stand out from the competition.

1. Evaluate Product Characteristics
We at By Design packaging start by evaluating your product features to develop effective packaging for it. These include relevant details like product weight, dimensions, number of pieces, etc. 

2. Customer Research
To create effective product packaging, By Design does intensive market research and builds buyer personas of your customers. These include factors like age, location, and purchasing avenues, i.e., online, retail stores, etc. These also include price points for premium packaging and also how the customers dispose of the packaging afterward. All these details help us craft creative packaging that attracts your customer's attention and persuades them to purchase your products.

3. Design as per Your Sales Channels
By Design packaging crafts product packaging as per your sales channels. These include storage and transportation factors as well as the sales channels like e-commerce platforms, retail stores, and supermarkets. Our product packaging design ensures that your products are prominently displayed, stand out from the competitors, and are immediately noticed by the customers.

5. Appropriate Product Packaging and Wrapping 
By Design creates product packaging designs as per your marketing goals and your customer base. By Design packaging offers solutions that are aligned with your product sensibilities while safeguarding and marketing your products as well. 

6. Brand Alignment 
By Design packaging integrates your brand look into product packaging design. This creates a cohesive look that includes your brand's logo, colors, slogans, corporate emblems, patterns, etc. in your product packaging. 

7. Inclusion of Essential Information
We at By Design, ensure that all the regulations are kept in mind while crafting creative packaging designs. These include printing required information like quality certifications, bar codes, and best-before dates on the product packaging. 

8. Speak to the Customers 
By Design Packaging formulates packaging solutions that speak to the customers. Our packaging indicates what kind of contents are inside so the customers are not confused. We believe in clear communication and capturing the attention of the customers. 

Final Thoughts

With By Design, get customized, sustainable, and creative packaging solutions that speak to your customers, showcase your brand, protect your products, and increase your sales. Contact us today at to avail best packaging designs that help market your products and create a strong connection with your customers.

FAQs Regarding Creative Packaging Design

Q. 1. What is creative packaging?

Ans. Creative packaging is a coming together of design, colors, images, and materials to create effective product packaging solutions. It is a physical representation of your brand that appeals to and attracts consumers while keeping your products safe and secure. Creative packaging is an effective marketing tool that improves the user experience and saves your storage and shipping costs as well.

Q. 2. How do you make creative packaging?

Ans. There are several ways to craft creative packaging for your products. Here are some product packaging tips with proven results.

a. Opt for personalized packaging.

b. Make unboxing a treat and easy to do affair.

c. Create packaging that aligns with your brand and includes its logo, colors, etc. 

d. Use sustainable and attractive packaging materials.

Q. 3. What are the 4 methods of packaging?

Ans. The four methods of packaging are:

a. Anti-corrosive packaging to safeguard products against extreme and high-risk environments.

b. Pharma Packaging for safeguarding medicines, surgical devices, blood samples, active drug ingredients, etc.

c. Plastic packaging for protecting non-perishable and fragile products.

d. Flexible packaging for food items and other products that can be molded into different shapes.

Q. 4. What is product packaging design?

Ans. Product packaging design is creating product packages that safeguard the products contained in them. These include choosing packaging materials and design that includes colors, graphics, and patterns that portray and protect the products and enhance the brand name as well.

Q. 5. What are the 7 basic steps to packaging design?

Ans. 7 basic steps to packaging design are as below.

a. Project brief that includes client inputs as well as marketing vision for the product.

b. Product category 

c. Studying target customers by creating buyer personas.

d. Identifying marketing and sales channels for the product.

e. Competitor analysis.

f. Finalizing package design hierarchy and primary attributes to be displayed on the product packages.

g. Creative inspiration from all across the board.

Q. 6. What are the 3 types of packaging?

Ans. The 3 types of packaging are as below:

a. Primary packaging that is directly in contact with the products.

b. Secondary packaging that is utilized to group primary packages.

c. Tertiary packaging is the outermost packaging used for bulk transportation and shipping.