Gateway Revolutions Music Festival

Client Brief

Gateway was the new kid on the block at Taj and wanted to explore various touch points that could connect it to the upwardly mobile 35+ year-olds.

Idea & Execution

To engage effectively with this target audience, we proposed leveraging rock shows as a means of communication. We created a property called "Revolutions" for them which played on both the revolution of the LP as well as a revolution in thought.

Every rock show organised was dedicated to a particular band or musician with various Indian musicians performing that band's songs. We created funky posters which aligned with the music style of the band and spoke to the target audience in a witty manner.


This initiative proved to be one of the most triumphant activations for Gateway. It significantly contributed to establishing and popularizing the brand within its target demographic, demonstrating its capacity to resonate with and captivate discerning individuals aged 35 and above.