Packaging for Granny's Spices, Funz by Essel World & Khaana Khazana by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Client Brief

The brief for Granny's Spices was to launch their spices in the international market. Funz was the launch of Essel World's snack brand. Khaana Khazana was the launch of chef Sanjeev Kapoor's spices, an extension of his show by the same name.

Idea & Execution

For Granny's Spices, we designed simple yet striking, premium packaging that would seamlessly take their Indian flavours to the international market and create awareness about their range of packaged spices - ground spices, whole spices and mixed/cooking masalas. Funz was a young snacks brand by Essel World, sold in the theme park itself. We created bright, youthful and relatable packaging for the range targeting kids. Khaana Khazana was an extension of Sanjeev Kapoor's property, it was the launch of his range of spices for the Indian market. We leveraged his fame as a celebrity chef, drawing parallels to the show and creating a buzz in the market. His mixed spices, cooking masalas, and chaat masalas were direct competition to Catch Masala, MDH, and Badshah Masala.


Each brand's goal of creating brand awareness and recall through distinctive packaging was met, helping them find their place in their respective markets.