Packaging for Granny's Spices, Funz by Essel World & Khaana Khazana by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor


Granny's Spices aimed to introduce its range of spices to the international market. 

Funz marked the launch of Essel World's snack brand, targeting a younger audience. 

Khaana Khazana sought to extend chef Sanjeev Kapoor's brand by introducing a line of spices, mirroring his popular TV show of the same name.


For Granny's Spices, we crafted an elegant yet eye-catching premium packaging design. This design seamlessly transcended Indian flavours to the international market, creating awareness for their assortment of packaged spices, encompassing ground spices, whole spices, and mixed/cooking masalas.

Funz, being a youthful snacks brand exclusively available within Essel World, required vibrant and relatable packaging. The design specifically targeted children to enhance the brand's appeal in the theme park setting.

Khaana Khazana was a natural extension of Sanjeev Kapoor's culinary empire. Leveraging his celebrity chef status, we established a clear connection between the brand and his renowned show. This strategic approach generated excitement and buzz in the market. The range, which included mixed spices, cooking masalas, and chaat masalas, competed directly with established brands like Catch Masala, MDH, and Badshah Masala.


In each case, our packaging designs succeeded in fulfilling the goal of creating brand recognition and recall. This played a pivotal role in establishing these brands in their respective markets, allowing them to gain a strong foothold and capture the attention of their intended audiences.