J-Hampstead Featuring Hrithik Roshan & Priyanka Chopra

Client Brief

The premium-suiting market in India was cluttered with advertising that looked the same irrespective of the brand. Siyaram entered this market, licensing the storied British brand J Hampstead. The brief to the agency was to break the clutter in the category and build for J Hampstead a unique brand identity.

Idea & Execution

Raymond’s, the market leader, with its “Complete Man” campaign was addressing a conservative psychographic profile. We decided to build a distinct brand persona anchored in sensuality and success. We also decided to build in a clutter-busting element into the first phase of the campaign and then shift to a second phase which underlined the brand personality.

Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBxgaic44b4

The clutter-busting idea was to use a female celebrity for the first phase of the campaign. This was a first in the category and emphasized the sensual element in the brand’s persona. In the second phase, we shifted to Hrithik Roshan to underline the dimension of rugged success.


The campaign created high awareness and a distinct personality for the brand resulting in a significant jump in sales.