Hrithik Roshan & Priyanka Chopra for J-Hampstead

Client Brief

In a crowded Indian premium suiting market filled with indistinguishable advertising, Siyaram made its entry by licensing the prestigious British brand, J-Hampstead. The agency's directive was clear: break through the category clutter and establish a unique brand identity for J-Hampstead.

Idea & Execution

Raymond, the market leader, had been addressing a conservative demographic with its "Complete Man" campaign. We made a strategic choice to craft a distinctive brand persona centred around sensuality and success. To stand out in the initial phase, we introduced an attention-grabbing element, followed by a shift to the second phase that underscored the brand's personality.

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To disrupt the category, we employed a female celebrity, Priyanka Chopra, in the first phase, a pioneering move in this market. This choice emphasized the sensual aspect of the brand's persona. In the second phase, we transitioned to featuring Hrithik Roshan to highlight the dimension of rugged success.


The campaign not only generated widespread awareness but also established a distinctive brand identity. This translated into a substantial increase in sales for J-Hampstead.