KC+: A South Indian Dairy Brand


KC+ is a Tamil Nadu-based dairy brand that needed a strong differentiating factor to rationalise and convert its competitors’ customers to its own. A step-by-step communication flow was required, entailing communication on product differentiation followed by intangible value & emotionaldriven marketing to further elevate the brand.


Propose to build the relevance of the brand in the life and expectations of its users - the mass market consumer is not looking at differentiated milk, in traditional and modern homes, homemakers still want, ‘clean, pure milk that delivers benefits of good health’. Our approach was to:

  • Stay within the established category benefits and pick one ‘positioning’ that can link itself to the major benefits of milk.
  • Consistently advocate this positioning through marketing activities so that we own it in the long run.

Purity. Guarantee. Only pure milk can truly deliver the goodness of milk and KC+ Milk puts its milk through 32 stringent tests to offer its consumers high-quality, thick pure milk that delivers the expected benefits and promotes good health. We produced a brand film in the regional language and designed the product packaging across SKUs.


Our packaging featuring the 32-test factor created a buzz in the market and questioned market leaders. The sales volume multiplied and the brand was able to venture from tier 2 & 3 markets to tier 1 markets.