Morisons Baby Dreams: Baby Toothpaste Launch

Client Brief

Morisons Baby Dreams sought to expand its product range beyond feeding bottles and venture into the baby care market with the introduction of Baby Toothpaste, targeting a nationwide market penetration.

Idea & Execution

We strategically positioned this toothpaste for toddlers as "Your Baby's First Toothpaste," with a primary focus on reaching new mothers. Emphasizing its key attributes, including being fluoride-free, sugar-free, and sulphate-free, we aimed to resonate with parents who prioritize the quality of ingredients in their children's daily routines. Additionally, we highlighted the exciting strawberry flavour designed to captivate toddlers' taste preferences.

By Design played a crucial role in shaping the idea, conceptualizing and executing product and category launch films, as well as devising packaging, print, and digital strategies.

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Morisons Baby Dreams successfully established a distinct identity in the broader market, extending beyond its traditional presence in the south and east regions. This expansion resulted in exceptional sales growth in the toothpaste category, spanning across India.