"Let the Games Begin" Campaign for Nahar Amrit Shakti

Client Brief Our client's aim was clear: to promote the sale of the newest towers within the Nahar Amrit Shakti complex, leveraging the appeal of what was the most magnificent clubhouse within a residential complex in that part of town. Idea & Execution Our strategy revolved around the clever integration of visual motifs evoking the spirit of Olympic sports and the beloved game of cricket. These visuals were ingeniously coupled with messaging that forged a unique connection between the world of sports and the decision to invest in a residence within Nahar Amrit Shakti. This comprehensive campaign encompassed the creation of a dedicated website, the development of posters, and the dissemination of e-mailers sent to an extensive database. We curated events with a strong sporting theme, scripted engaging radio spots, and produced a sport-themed film. All these efforts were directed to emphasise the exceptional amenities of the Nahar Super Club. The catchphrase we coined, "Let the games begin," remains a powerful and enduring exclamation, continuing to drive sales for other properties within the complex. We made it abundantly clear that the sporting facilities at Nahar's club were not merely impressive but consistently met international standards, positioning Nahar Amrit Shakti as a pioneer in blending sports and luxury living. Film: Watch Here Result The project surpassed expectations, with residential units selling out rapidly, well within the anticipated timeframe. Beyond the immediate success, the campaign has left a lasting impression, serving as a blueprint for future marketing endeavours within the Nahar Amrit Shakti complex.