Let the Games Begin: Nahar Amrit Shakti

Client Brief

The client wanted to sell the newest towers in the Nahar Amrit Shakti complex on the dint of what was the finest clubhouse in a residential complex in that part of town.

Idea & Execution

Using visual motifs that evoke Olympic sports (as well as cricket) with lines that cleverly link those sports with buying a residence in Nahar Amrit Shakti. We created a website, various posters, and emailers sent to a very exhaustive database, we created events which had a sporting connect, radio spots and sport-based films to promote this super club in Nahar. The catchphrase we created for them, “Let the games begin” is being used extensively even today, to sell other buildings in the complex.

We gave a very sporty feel to the entire campaign with lines that evoked various games linking them up to the fact that now you can play all of these sports within your residential complex. We established that the sporting facilities at Nahar’s club were of international standards and no other residential enclave had facilities that came close.

Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlVEh2oHt88


It was a successful project and they managed to sell out their flats within a very short period.