Launching Panasonic Viera with Ranbir Kapoor


Business Objective: Build awareness and market share.

Communication Objective: Gain a foothold in the market by rebuilding the Panasonic brand image (through the FPD category) to appeal to the younger generation in India.

Media Objective: Target profile: Young (< 35 yrs.) SEC A, potential buyers of a flat TV Primary message: Panasonic is the preferred brand of the young and the successful Secondary message: Feature-led

Background in 2008:
- India was feeling the need to see a bigger, better picture on TV
- There was enhanced purchasing power across town-classes
- FPDs became affordable and accessible
- There was better quality digital broadcast beyond the current CRT capability
- Japanese & Korean players grabbed the advantage
- Sony led the mind space as the premium technology player
- Samsung & LG led the market with more than 60% of the share between them

Communication Challenge:
- Panasonic had lost its technology aura
- Panasonic lacked a definite benefit proposition


Thought: A superior lifestyle makes others follow you. Positioning: "Panasonic Viera: The power to attract"

By Design brought on board Ranbir Kapoor as the brand ambassador. He appealed to the youth, creating a change in perceptions and subsequently the attitude towards the brand. We conceptualised and executed a series of films and print campaigns to create a strong brand presence, each straddling 3 category benefits: Style, Technology & Value.

Campaigns through the years:

1. Expect the Unexpected (TVC)

Objective: Improve salience & take the high ground with a brand launch campaign.

2. Reel to Real Offer (Print)

Objective: Spike sales through trials using promotional offers. "Watch a movie with RK and win other assured prizes.”

3. Bollywood Dreams (Print & TVC)

The biggest opium of the masses? Bollywood.

Objective: To keep the upswing & maintain excitement, leveraging the festive season to garner higher sales.

4. Sounds of India (Print & Experiential Promotion)

India loves sound, loud! LCDs are known more for their picture quality than sound. But this series was different, it promised a seamless balance of viewing and listening pleasure at a VFM price. The idea was to get people to experience it. Therefore, an experiential campaign was launched in 70 cities with Panasonic reaching the TG through roadshow activity. People recorded their sounds which were uploaded on a microsite.

5. One Moment (TVC)

Objective: To use the IPL season to create intrigue and garner higher sales. “When everything awaits that one moment, a moment that crescendos sport or entertainment, it's only a Panasonic Viera that makes it a delight to watch.”

6. 3D VIERA (Print & TVC)

Objective: To promote the 3D range of TVs and boost Panasonic's leadership in this category. 3D created a new buzz in the TV market and Panasonic takes the high ground with technology that makes your world come alive.

7. SMART TV (Print & TVC)

Objective: To promote the Smart Viera range and enhance the imagery of brand Panasonic. Marking the beginning of the smart TV revolution, smart Viera takes centre stage as not just a television but much more.

8. Swipe & share (Print & TVC)

Objective: To promote the ‘swipe & share’, ‘browse & share’ and ‘watch & chat’ features as the core differentiators. The new Smart Viera Campaign gives the 'innovation in technology’ edge to Panasonic by bringing forth the consumer benefit of swipe & share, now from a Viera TV. To position the new Viera line-up as aesthetically at par with the competition thereby enhancing the imagery of brand Panasonic.


Every campaign was a runaway hit!
- Sales jumped from approx. 2,300 units to 50,000 units between 2008 and 2009
- Approximately 5.5 lakh units were sold between 2012 and 2013
- Viera's market share rose from 2% in 2008 to 9% in 2011
- Viera became the 4th largest brand in the television category ranking
- Brand purchase consideration jumped to 78%
- Viera's brand awareness level reached 87%