Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts

Client Brief

Pelican Ad: To promote their 'fresh catch-of-the-day' seafood. | Straw Hat Ad: As a 5-Star property, their upscale clientele would often admire, but be wary of venturing into the streets for local fare. So, they were holding a special Streetfood fest, featuring popular South East Asian fare. | Genghis Khan Illustrations: To convey that their restaurant Bojunhala was serving up a special Mongolian Barbeque. | Fork and Knife Ads: While based in Sri Lanka and offering lots of local fare, Saturday nights would also feature choice Indian delicacies along with Sri Lankan food for visiting patrons. | Golf Course Magazine Ad: To clearly make their property stand out, with unique offerings. | Leopard Spots Directional Hoarding: Using this hoarding located on the opposite side of the highway, to especially attract Road travellers, driving back towards Colombo/upstate, heading north along the coast from the Yala National Park (after Leopard watching), to make a stop-over for lunch at the property - with their various restaurant/food choices, on offer.

Idea & Execution

Pelican Ad: Waterfront birds such as Pelicans often wade about in the shallows, scooping up fish that swim into beak range - no catch could be fresher! | Straw Hat Ad: The fun of snacking eating in the street, minus the obvious discomfort (of being in a hot, humid environment with steaming woks etc. on a real streetside!) | Genghis Khan Illustrations: Using Mongolia's best-known and most ancient 'export' - the fearless warrior Genghis Khan, to celebrate their ancient indigenous cooking technique, Barbeque. | Fork and Knife Ads: To clearly indicate two cuisines, without necessarily showing any food shots as the dishes are very diverse. | Golf Course Magazine Ad: Using their most distinctive feature - The seaside golf course to pull patrons. | Leopard Spots Directional Hoarding: Since the Leopard safari is the biggest draw at Yala, using the recently 'spotted' animals as the idea, still fresh in the returnees' minds.

Pelican Ad: By putting a bib around the Pelican, we flag off 'fresh catch' in an interesting way, without showing a plate or appetising food images. | Straw Hat Ad: Using a Straw Hat, as worn in the days of yore by SE Asian Street vendors, but visually juxtaposing it, as if it were a dish-cover...being lifted, to reveal the delicacy underneath - in 5Star style! | Genghis Khan Illustrations: A simple line drawing together with the playful headline, drew the attention of patrons flagging off what was on offer. | Fork and Knife Ads: Two hands of a diner, holding cutlery, while clearly 'flagging off' quite literally, the two cuisines on offer. | Golf Course Magazine Ad: A stunning drone shot of their golf green, with sandy beach and ocean beyond clearly visible, making for an inviting image. | Leopard Spots Directional Hoarding: Through a clever line, and unambiguous image, suggest the multiple food options, right around lunchtime, when the morning Safari visitors, could be making their way back, up north.


Pelican Ad: The in-house restaurant Sera, got an enthusiastic response with more reservations and walk-ins, asking for their fresh catch seafood specialities. | Straw Hat Ad: This SE Asian street food fest was well received with many guests and patrons asking for, and enjoying the fare! | Genghis Khan Illustrations: Patrons were drawn to the unique offering of Mongolian Barbeque in Sri Lanka, and it was very well received. | Fork and Knife Ads: The Weekend offer of twin country cuisines, was well received with Patrons enthusiastically asking for, and enjoying subcontinental specialities. | Golf Course Magazine Ad: While most golf courses have small ponds as 'water-hazards', the playful use of the inviting ocean acting as a delightful 'distraction' went down very well with travel magazine readers and prospective patrons, and the ad received a good response. | Leopard Spots Directional Hoarding: This 5-star property started receiving higher footfalls for lunch, from passing car-travellers, to becoming a preferred pit-stop before the 3-hour drive back to Colombo.