Syska LED Featuring Irrfan Khan

Client Brief

Syska was the first brand to launch LED lights in India. The brief was to launch the brand with a campaign that was two dimensional:
1) created a widespread awareness of the functional superiority of LED lights over incandescent and CFL lights and
2) created for Syska a brand personality anchored in trust and innovation.

Idea & Execution

By Design decided that the functional superiority of LED Lights would be put across through vignettes from everyday life anchored by the one-of-his-kind Irrfan Khan. Irfan had a screen persona of the no-nonsense, authentic man-next-door while being recognized as an actor par-excellence. Irfan’s persona and fame matched the brand personality that needed to be created for Syska.


The Irrfan Khan campaign for Syska ran for over 8 years until his untimely demise. The campaign underlined key functional aspects of the Syska brand in the witty, understated style that was the hallmark of Irrfan.


Syska is a leader in the LED Lights category and has gone on to become a master brand in multiple categories – electricals and personal and grooming accessories.