The Launch of Syska LED Featuring Irrfan Khan


Syska, the pioneering brand that introduced LED lights to India, faced a multifaceted challenge:

  • To launch the brand with a campaign that educates consumers about the functional superiority of LED lights compared to incandescent and CFL lights.
  • To cultivate a brand personality for Syska that is firmly rooted in trust and innovation.


By Design embarked on a creative journey to convey the functional advantages of LED Lights through everyday life vignettes featuring the inimitable Irrfan Khan. Irrfan possessed a screen persona characterized by authenticity, no-nonsense demeanour, and relatability; all while being celebrated as an exceptionally talented actor. This persona seamlessly aligned with the brand personality Syska aimed to establish.

The Irrfan Khan campaign for Syska endured for over eight years until his untimely passing. Throughout this period, the campaign artfully highlighted key functional aspects of the Syska brand in the witty, understated style that became synonymous with Irrfan.

Watch here:

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Film 4
Film 5


Syska emerged as a dominant leader in the LED Lights category and expanded its presence, evolving into a master brand across multiple categories, including electricals, personal, and grooming accessories.