Syska's Foray Into Personal Care Appliances Ft. Sushant Singh Rajput


Syska, the trailblazing leader in the LED Lights industry, made a strategic decision to expand its reach into the personal and grooming accessories category. This move aimed to capitalize on Syska's robust sales infrastructure and prowess in product innovation. The client's directive was clear: target the dynamic youth market for these products while maintaining synergy with the established brand personality Syska had cultivated in the LED Lights market.


After a meticulous selection process, we identified Sushant Singh Rajput as the ideal ambassador for Syska's personal and grooming accessories. The creative strategy was to exude confidence and vibrancy, aligning seamlessly with the values cherished by the youthful target audience.

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Syska had meticulously crafted its brand personality as a reliable innovator, with Irrfan Khan embodying this persona in the LED Lights segment. In personal and grooming accessories, we chose a brand ambassador who, though younger than Irrfan, radiated the same aura of talent and authenticity.


Syska has firmly established its presence in the personal and grooming accessories market, building upon its reputation as a trustworthy innovator.