Syska Wires Launch Campaign Featuring Amitabh Bachchan

Client Brief

Syska, a well-established brand known for LED lights and personal grooming accessories, embarked on a new venture in the electricals market by introducing wires. The objective was to target key decision-makers in the wires category while aligning with the overarching Syska brand.

Idea & Execution

In the retail space, wiring decisions often fall into the hands of individuals building or renovating homes, typically in the age range of 40-45 years. Similarly, in the OEM space for larger buildings and complexes, builders and senior architects, also in the older age group, make wiring decisions. We aimed to select a brand ambassador who would resonate with this more mature demographic while maintaining a universal appeal, in line with Syska's core brand values of authenticity, trust, and innovation.

We chose Amitabh Bachchan as the brand ambassador for Syska Wires, injecting a touch of humour into the launch campaign by playfully addressing the wireless obsession of the digital generation.

Film: Watch Here


Syska Wires enjoyed a highly successful launch in the fiercely competitive wires market.