Syska Wires Featuring Amitabh Bachchan

Client Brief

Syska an established brand in LED lights and personal and grooming accessories was entering the electricals market with wires. The brief was to target the decision-makers in the wires category while synergizing with the overall Syska brand.

Idea & Execution

Many of the wiring decisions in the retail space are made by people who are building homes for themselves or renovating bungalows or flats. The average age of such people is 40-45 years. Further in the OEM space for large buildings and complexes, wiring decisions are taken by builders and senior architects who are also in the older age group. We decided to use a brand ambassador who appealed to older people yet had a universal appeal among the broader and younger demographics addressed by Syska’s other categories. The brand ambassador also needed to synergize the overall Syska brand values of authenticity, trust, and innovation.


We chose Amitabh Bachchan as the Syska Wires brand ambassador and added a touch of humour to the launch campaign with a play on the wireless obsession of the digital generation.


Syska Wires got a flying start in the highly competitive wires market.