The English Manner' by Wasan Knowledge Hub


Our mission was to inaugurate Mumbai's inaugural 'finishing school,' catering to the city's influential figures who desired refinement and polish in their social and professional interactions.


We conceived a strategic approach involving a series of exclusive events. These gatherings featured prominent individuals from various spheres, who effectively served as our advocates to disseminate the concept among their extensive networks. This precursor to influencer marketing, which was coined later, helped generate considerable buzz. Complementing these events, we executed a comprehensive email marketing campaign and designed informative posters. These materials delved into the nuances of etiquette, offering a detailed perspective on why refined conduct is paramount in a world where every interaction holds the potential to become a publicized moment.


The launch was an undeniable success, enabling the school to firmly establish its presence within Mumbai's social landscape in a remarkably short span. This accomplishment underscores the effectiveness of our multifaceted approach in introducing and promoting the finishing school to the city's elite and influential individuals.