Creative Communication for Tilaknagar Industries Limited

Client Brief

Tilaknagar Industries Ltd. (TI) manufactures, markets and distributes spirits. The company's product portfolio includes whisky, brandy, rum, vodka, and gin. The brief was to devise creative communication and packaging for their different liquor brands.

Idea & Execution

The ideas differ basis the product and target group. TI Mason House was a pocket-friendly potent Brandy for the masses and had a lion reinforcing the tagline, "The King of Brandies". TI's Courrier Napoleon was a premium French Brandy and the brief came from the name itself so the communication had a french twist. The tagline "Pour L'amour" (or pour love) was a play on the term "pour more". TI White House was a Rum competing with Old Monk, and the amusement park route braced the thought that it was a fun drink for the youth. Madira Gold was a premium Rum, and the whole treasure trove route buttressed the premium positioning.


Our branding and ads created awareness and a new perception of TI pan-India.