By Design: The performance marketing agency you didn’t know you needed.

At By Design, we focus on building and executing data-driven campaigns that drive results. As an experienced performance marketing agency, our specialised team analyzes your current data and develops a tailored strategy to maximize engagement with the right audience. We employ the latest industry techniques and technologies to ensure your campaigns reach the right people, generate maximum reach and engagement, and convert into sales. With our results-driven approach and superior creative and technical capabilities, our team will help you reach your business goals more efficiently. Our focus on performance, data-driven and programmatic advertising means you can rest assured that we'll provide the best possible return on your investments.

What is the role of a performance marketing agency?

Performance marketing is an aspect of digital marketing that involves strategically placing a brand’s ads on performance marketing channels like social media, search engines, videos, embedded web content and more.
Unlike traditional advertising, brands pay the platform where their ad is placed basis the performance of the ad or after a certain objective has been met.
These objectives include measuring the number of clicks, impressions, shares, leads or sales.
A performance marketing agency must strategise a media plan based on the brand’s objectives, and target audience (demographics, interests, etc.) and decide on budgets for each platform that will host the ad. Sometimes brands deploy different agencies for different roles but at By Design, we undertake end-to-end marketing for clients. This means that we conceptualise and design the ads to be placed on various websites, strategise the media plan and track/report the performance of the ad campaigns too.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the process of automating the media buying process using algorithmic tools and other innovative technology. It uses data to serve the ads to the right target group at the right time. With programmatic advertising, advertisers can buy inventory across multiple platforms.

The three main types of platforms are:

The sell-side platform (SSP) allows publishers to sell their ad impressions to advertisers in real time,
The demand-side platform (DSP) allows advertisers to purchase ad inventory across multiple platforms simultaneously and
Ad exchangers that connect with DSPs connect and wherein ad prices fluctuate based on the competitiveness of that inventory.

Today, brands and marketers are increasingly interested intracking the impact of their marketing efforts. With innovations and upgrades in customer preferences, technology, web design, and marketing, performance marketing is essentialfor your business to measure ROI in real-time.

A performance marketing agency helps drive online growth for brands both in the short term and helps forge long-term relationships with their customers through sustained activities.

Onto the topic of performance marketing channels.
Search Engine Marketing & Google Ads. A performance marketing agency can identify the right target audience and deploy search engine marketing formats (particularly via Google Ads) to produce lucrative, measurable results. Through Google Ads, advertisers can bid on relevant keywords so that their ads appear in Google’s search engine results.

Social Media Marketing. As a performance marketing agency, the right platforms can increase the chances of engagement and conversion. Commonly deployed platforms are ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. Through relevant, engaging and innovative content, brands can leverage the platform’s audiences and build a target audience base for themselves.

If you’re looking to grow your brand exponentially through cutting-edge creative and performance strategy, we are the performance marketing agency you need. We find synergies between brands and apt programmatic advertising or other paid media channels to attract and retain relevant audiences and ultimately encourage conversions.