Top Video Production Company In Mumbai, India

By Design’s film production arm called Rabid Films is the go-to production house if you are looking for high-quality audio-visual content for your marketing needs. Rabid Films is a video production company in Mumbai catering to brands across industries.


What makes the service offerings at By Design stand apart from the crowd?

Here’s what sets us apart as an ad film agency in Mumbai:

1. Expertise:

Rabid Films is a video production company in Mumbai with a portfolio of successful films that demonstrate our experience in creating advertising films.

2. Quality:

Rabid Films has a history of producing great results no matter the budget. We have worked with brands globally to create iconic short and long-format video content.

3. Cost Effective:

All campaigns have a budget and Rabid Films is a video production company in Mumbai that can create a plan to fit within the constraints of the budget.

4. Communication:

Rabid Films is very effective in its communication. We ensure that to create a successful advertising film, there needs to be open and effective communication between the brand and the production company.

5. Location:

Rabid films know the venues, local businesses, and cultures of the city they’re filming.
As a video production company in Mumbai, we also create animated, 3D and CGI films for our clients.


We work with top talent management agencies, influencers, and celebrities to cast the right people for each role in a people-centric film. By Design is an ad film agency in Mumbai with its wing Rabid Films, a video production company in Mumbai, that has worked successfully over a wide range of product categories and business cultures. From luxury hotels to traditional personal care. From high-end electronics to minor appliances. From multinationals to small family-owned set-ups. From global leaders to challenger brands. From decades-old businesses to start-ups.

By Design: The Best Video Production Agency In India

As a top video production company in Mumbai, our comprises photographers, videographers, producers, directors, scriptwriters, editors, line producers and animators who come together to create unparalleled, viral video content.
Our ad film agency in Mumbai has worked with leading brands such as Syska LED/Personal Care Appliances/Wires, Panasonic, Nahar Builders, Only Vimal, Georgia Gullini, Morisons Baby Dreams, Catch Masala, Siyarams etc, to create iconic films. We have also ventured into the luxury- hospitality zone with video content for the Taj group of hotels. We shoot content globally to create the best outcome for our clients.
If you’re looking for a video production company in Mumbai, reach out to us for TVC and digital film production.