A Detailed Picture of Our Services


A Detailed Picture of Our Services 

Creativity is the lifeblood of brand building in today's cluttered market. In a world inundated with countless brands vying for attention, it is essential to stand out and make a memorable impression. To provide solutions to this problem, By Design, a leading branding agency in Mumbai has become invaluable partners for scores of brands across industries.

Our agency is equipped with a team of talented individuals who deeply understand consumer behaviour, market trends, and the power of storytelling. They can think outside the box and generate fresh, innovative ideas that captivate audiences and forge emotional connections. Our agency brings a unique perspective, strategic thinking, and artistic flair to brand development, through the 360-degree solutions we offer.

By harnessing the power of creativity, brands can differentiate themselves, build brand equity, and establish a distinct identity in the minds of consumers.

Here’s a glimpse of what makes By Design, our creative agency in Mumbai, a go-to agency providing top quality.

1. We offer Integrated Marketing Solutions (or as we call them, 360-degree solutions)
By Design is a trusted creative agency in Mumbai renowned for its ability to offer integrated marketing solutions including branding, packaging, offline advertising, production, digital campaign building, influencer outreach, performance marketing and website development.

2. Skilled resources manage and execute the integrated marketing solutions we offer
Experienced and skilled professionals such as creative directors, visualisers, planners, brand strategists, digital marketing specialists, client servicing representatives, and copywriters work together to provide seamlessly integrated marketing solutions.

Let’s jump ahead and explore the specialized verticals By Design has.  

3. Brand Strategy

By Design, is a top-rated brand strategy agency in Mumbai with a demonstrated ability to create result-oriented creative strategies to appeal to a brand’s target audience. What sets us apart is our deep understanding of the fact that branding is a nuanced concept involving psychographics. We stay abreast with industry trends and technology developments to ensure our brands are always cutting-edge. 

4. Packaging

When it comes to product packaging, your best bet is the By Design packaging team! We create successful product packaging designs that draw a customer’s attention and drive sales. By Design is also known as a top packaging and branding agency in Mumbai, creating numerous, impactful advertisements for popular brands, pan-India and globally.

The By Design packaging team has been trained to evaluate each packaging design based on an innovative tool – PACKSKORES™ that details 6 parameters every packaging design must possess. These are listed below:

  1. Brand Salience:
    Creative packaging isn’t just about being visually appealing; it’s also about conveying a message to the customer. A packaging design agency can leverage creative packaging to communicate the product’s value, the benefits it offers, or even the personality of the brand or company.
  2. Visually Appealing:
    Having attractive visuals is the first and most important step for a successful packaging design. It should create a strong impression and convey a clear message about its contents. Use of bright colours, graphic elements, and typography should be used to make a strong first impression.
  3. Informative:
    Good packaging design should include messaging about the product, including its name, contents, features, instructions/warnings, and any other necessary information.
  4. Practical:
    A packaging design agency should ensure that packaging is designed to be practical enough to use in the designated retail environment. Consider the shape, size, and material to create a durable and cost-effective design.
  5. Functional:
    Packaging should be designed to be functional and easy to use, with consideration to the recipient's convenience. For instance, consider including a tear-off feature, a built-in handle, or a resealable feature.
  6. Sustainable:
    Sustainable packaging designs are essential to reduce both environmental impact and waste. A product packaging company must consider using recycled materials, avoiding excess packaging, and using earth-friendly printing methods.

5. Offline

At By Design, we specialize in print and outdoor advertising and have over 20 years of experience in building successful offline campaigns through integrated marketing services. Our team caters to the offline requirements of your business to meet its every objective. We take a creative, out-of-the-box approach to our projects and develop campaigns that are designed to capture the attention of your audience. We use the latest techniques and technologies to ensure that your message is seen and heard. By Design, the best outdoor advertising agency in India, offers cost-effective solutions for your print and OOH media campaigns. Our team of experts will work to create a customized strategy that fits your budget, while still achieving the results that you are looking for.

6. Digital

At By Design, a top digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we believe in combining creativity, innovation, and customer-centric solutions to create digital campaigns that drive measurable results. We understand that custom-tailored solutions are needed to succeed in today's dynamic digital world. That's why we specialize in providing creative solutions that guarantee maximum ROI for our clients.

Digital media empowers consumers and is thus of utmost importance for an agency like ours to create larger brand messages to connect with audiences on a personal level, beyond product promotion. We aim to sell stories, not just products through our digital marketing services in Mumbai and across India.

7. Video Production

By Design’s film production arm called Rabid Films is the go-to production house if you are looking for high-quality audio-visual content for your marketing needs. Rabid Films is a video production company in Mumbai catering to brands across industries.

Our rich experience in creating iconic short and long-format video content or advertising films has made us a well-known video production agency in Mumbai. We have worked with brands worldwide creating excellent outcomes regardless of the budget. We also specialize in producing 3D, CGI, digital, TVC, and animated films.


1. What does a branding agency do?
Branding agencies are specialized firms that help businesses build, develop, and maintain their brand identity. They work closely with clients to create a comprehensive strategy that aligns with the company's values, vision, and target audience. These agencies employ a range of creative and strategic techniques to shape the brand's image, including logo design, brand messaging, marketing collateral, and digital presence. By conducting market research, analyzing competitors, and understanding consumer behavior, branding agencies help businesses establish a unique and recognizable brand identity that sets them apart in the marketplace. Their expertise and guidance ensure consistency across various touchpoints, such as advertising campaigns, website design, social media presence, and packaging, resulting in a cohesive and memorable brand experience for customers. Ultimately, branding agencies play a pivotal role in helping businesses forge a strong and enduring connection with their target audience, driving brand loyalty and long-term success.

2. How do I choose a branding agency?
Selecting a branding agency involves careful consideration of various factors. Start by assessing the agency's portfolio and previous work to determine if their style and quality align with your brand vision. Evaluate their expertise and experience in your industry. Look for agencies that offer a comprehensive range of services and have a proven track record of successful brand development. Consider their communication and collaboration approach, ensuring they understand your goals and are responsive to your needs. Additionally, consider their pricing structure and how it fits your budget. Finally, seek recommendations and client testimonials to gain insights into their professionalism and client satisfaction. By thoroughly assessing these factors, you can select a branding agency that best suits your brand's requirements.

3. What are the 3 types of agencies?
The three types of agencies typically referred to in the business and marketing context are:

Advertising Agencies: Advertising agencies specialize in creating and executing advertising campaigns on behalf of their clients. They handle various aspects of the advertising process, including market research, creative development, media planning and buying, and campaign implementation. Advertising agencies work to develop compelling messages and deliver them through appropriate channels to reach and engage the target audience.

Public Relations (PR) Agencies: PR agencies focus on managing and enhancing the public image and reputation of their clients. They utilize strategic communication techniques to build positive relationships between organizations and their target audience, stakeholders, and the media. PR agencies handle tasks such as media relations, crisis management, event planning, reputation management, and content creation to shape public perception and promote a favorable image of their clients.

Digital Marketing Agencies: Digital marketing agencies specialize in leveraging online platforms and technologies to promote brands and engage with audiences. They offer a wide range of services such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and web design. These agencies help businesses establish a strong online presence, drive website traffic, generate leads, and achieve their marketing goals in the digital landscape.