What Makes By Design a Top Packaging Design Agency?

By Design is a renowned packaging design agency in India. We understand that packaging is a key component in the success of any product. It plays an important role in creating an attractive look and feel for the product, and in driving higher sales by appealing to customers. By Design is a product packaging company that plays an essential role in helping create successful product packaging designs.

When it comes to packaging, there are several things to take into consideration as a packaging design agency, one being, understanding the purpose of the product packaging design. It should not only be attractive and eye-catching, but also provide information about the product, including ingredients, manufacturing information, and product details. This is something we as a product packaging company ensure to communicate in the design of the packaging, in an easily accessible and understandable way. In addition, it’s important to choose materials that can protect the product in transit and during storage, while also being environmentally friendly.


Why By Design is the Best Product Packaging Design Agency?

By Design assesses each packaging design based on a tool called PACKSKORESTM.
Here are the 6 parameters basis PACKSKORESTM that our packaging design agency ensures all our packaging designs must possess:

1. Brand Salience:

Creative packaging isn’t just about being visually appealing; it’s also about conveying a message to the customer. A packaging design agency can leverage creative packaging to communicate the product’s value, the benefits it offers, or even the personality of the brand or company.

2. Visually Appealing:

Having attractive visuals is the first and most important step for a successful packaging design. It should create a strong impression and convey a clear message about its contents. Use of bright colours, graphic elements, and typography should be used to make a strong first impression.

3. Informative:

Good packaging design should clearly include messaging about the product, including its name, contents, features, instructions/warnings, and any other necessary information.

4. Practical:

A packaging design agency should ensure that packaging be designed to be practical enough to use in the designated retail environment. Consider the shape, size, and material to create a durable and cost-effective design.

5. Functional:

Packaging should be designed to be functional and easy to use, with consideration to the recipient's convenience. For instance, consider including a tear-off feature, a built-in handle, or a resealable feature.

6. Sustainable:

Sustainable packaging designs are essential to reduce both environmental impact and waste. A product packaging company must consider using recycled materials, avoiding excess packaging, and using earth-friendly printing methods.


By Design: The Best Creative Packaging Agency in Mumbai, India

Product packaging is often seen as a low priority when it comes to marketing a product. However, when it comes to creative design, this assumption couldn't be further from the truth. As a packaging design agency, By Design believes, creative packaging design has the power to increase visibility and brand recognition. It’s often the key factor that helps a product stand out on store shelves.

When you consider its power to increase sales, it’s no surprise that creative packaging design is sometimes referred to as The ‘Forgotten’ Marketing Medium.

So, where do you start when it comes to crafting an effective and creative packaging, for your product? You come to our packaging design agency, which is over 2-decades young and has a wealth of experience working with brands across the FMCG sector to create some of the most memorable packaging designs you’ve ever seen! Check out some of the work our packaging design agency has done as a part of 360-degree campaigns or projects, here.