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Print Advertising - Meaning, Types, Pros, Cons & Examples

Print advertising was the most useful form of marketing. Since the use of revolutionized digital marketing practices is increasing rapidly, many people wonder does print media still be in the game. The importance of print media is crucial in any marketing mix.   

In this post, you will walk through what is print advertising, the advantages and disadvantages of print media, print ads examples, and lots more things.  

What is Print Advertising?

It is a form of marketing in which several kinds of print media channels are used for advertising to reach a target audience. Organizations advertise their products using the best print ads on various print advertising channels like direct mail, billboards, newspapers, brochures, etc.  

Examples of Print Advertising

KFC, the world one of the biggest fast-food chains ran out of chicken in its restaurants. Rather than posting a direct apology, the company attached a print ad to its website to inform readers about this rare mishap.  This is one of the best print ads examples. 

C&A, a well-recognized fashion retailer, launched appealing customized magazine editions that were connected to the user’s Facebook account. Readers liked their required looks, and that data was transferred to the store leaderboard.

Significance of Print Ads 

Printing press advertisement is a crucial aspect of the latest marketing strategies. On average, U.S. companies invest 25 billion USD in print advertising yearly. It shows the importance of print media persists. 

Here is why printing press advertisement is still important for companies.   

1. Reach Target Audience

Recalling a print ad is easier for people compared to digital advertising. The trust element is also in favour of products or services in best print ads instead of digital ads. Customers have an emotional reaction towards print advertisements which act as an excellent source of absorbing information for customers.  

2. Develop Trust

Print ads represent a hidden message that shows 'this brand is trustable'. It helps in winning the trust of the target audience and developing credibility.  

3. Improved Conversion Rate

A higher conversion rate plays a crucial role in the importance of print media. Newspaper ads, business cards, magazines, etc. also have increased conversion rates. 

Print Advertising Types

As now you know what is print advertising and its importance, let's jump to its different types. 

1. Magazines

People in Asia, U.S., and Europe are using magazines as the best print ad channels to reach a certain audience. There are different types of magazines for various niches like beauty, health, cooking, fashion, and more. High-quality images in magazines effectively portray a product. 

2. Newspapers

Newspaper is believed to be the king of print advertising. It is vital for local or small businesses as it helps them in reaching a specific target or local audience. 

3. Direct Mail

Opt for the direct mail form of advertising to have personalization when reaching prospective consumers as per your needs. It also provides affordable advertising solutions. 

4. Directories

If you want to provide huge exposure to your brand to develop a huge client base, go with directories. There are different types of directories like industry directories, regional directories, etc. Using the yellow page as directories shows the legitimacy of your business and develops trust.

5. Billboards

Once you accurately and appealingly placed billboards, you can create brand awareness on a wide level. Using billboards, you can reach a specific and general audience.

6. Brochures

Complete, clear, and attractive brochures are the perfect ways of effective brand advertising. It gives comprehensive details of your brand, product, or service. These are also cost-effective and easy to distribute. 

Print Advertising Pros

1. Build Credibility and Trust

Since magazines and newspapers are believed to be credible sources of information, advertising any brand, product, or service here will help you build trust and credibility. 

2. Affordable Advertising Solutions

Print advertising and brochures provide a cost-effective option for advertising. A local business can seamlessly promote its products or services in local newspapers at a reasonable cost.

3. Improved Flexibility

Marketers or advertisers can use print advertising as a flexible option to reach general or area-specific customers. Thus, if your business lacks an advertising budget, place ads on the publication. 

4. Customer Engagement

Most people still read newspapers to get information and for other purposes. So, spending on newspaper ads can help you with better audience engagement.

5. Longevity

Newspaper ads will help you with an extended viewership since a single newspaper is read by so many people. Venues also display these ads for longer periods. So, your ad will get increased exposure for a long time.

Cons of Print Advertising

1. Lacking Trend

Digital media channels have surpassed print advertising. Generally, people born before the 90s prefer reading newspapers. So, a business may miss a large audience by depending solely on print ads.

2. Not Good for the Environment

To make paper, there is a need to cut trees. About 10 litres of water is used in making an A4 size sheet. Paper and water both are valuable natural resources. 

3. Less Accessibility

Worldwide trade is common nowadays for business expansion. National newspaper ads can’t provide that global reach.


So now that you know what is print advertising, its types, and the advantages and disadvantages of print media, use the best form of print advertising considering your business needs.  


1. What is meant by print advertising?

This form of marketing uses physically printed media such as journals, newspapers, etc. to reach an audience on an extended level. 

2. What is an example of print advertising?

McDonald’s which opens its stores 24*7 daily often releases its print advertisements with ‘Open All Night’ copy. 

3. What are the top 3 types of print advertisements?

Posters, mailers, and newspapers are the three main types of print ads. 

4. Why are print ads important?

Print advertisements reach regions where other marketing channels do not. These are perfect advertising options for local businesses. Print ads reach multiple generations and allow businesses to control the content of ads.