How Celebrity Endorsements Can Work for Your Campaigns


How Celebrity Endorsements Can Work for Your Campaigns

Information is literally at the tips of our fingers now.

From TV screens to mobile phones, and everything in between, we are surrounded by messages, ads, and manufactured news.

Clickbait, sensational headlines and fake news lower the credibility of media resources and the brands associated with them.

For a brand to stand out, celebrity marketing is a tried and tested way to build genuine connections and credibility with its audience.

Consumers want someone to relate to, and trust and that's where the importance of celebrity endorsement stands out.

What is Celebrity Marketing? 

Celebrities are famous and have a huge following, a particular image, and a lot of social influence.

Celebrity endorsement is using celebrities to create awareness, recognition, and buzz around a brand, product, or service.

Celebrity marketing works for a wide range of products, services, and businesses.

Celebrity endorsement examples include singers, actors, sportspersons to social media influencers, endorsing products and brands.


Importance of Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity marketing is a high-impact marketing strategy that immediately grabs your consumer's attention.

Celebrity marketing in the short term increases sales and improves brand awareness and recognition in the long term.

Celebrity endorsement if done right pays big dividends and enhances your brand image and recall value.

Celebrity endorsement is highly effective when you are introducing a new product or expanding to a new market.


Celebrity Endorsement Example for a New Launch 

One of the celebrity endorsement examples that were a game changer was the Syska LED Campaign featuring Irrfan Khan.

Syska was the first brand to launch LED bulbs in India. 

LED bulbs as we all know now are superior to incandescent and CFL lights. 

Syska as a brand wanted to create awareness about the groundbreaking LED technology and at the same time build a brand personality anchored in trust and innovation.

By Design used the late Irrfan Khan for celebrity endorsement as his persona, fame, and authenticity matched the brand personality that needed to be created for Syska.

By Design launched the Irrfan Khan campaign for Syska that emphasized the main functional aspects of the Syska brand.

They delivered it through campaigns that focused on the witty, understated style of late Irrfan Khan.

By Design highlighted the functional superiority of LED Lights through campaigns that showcased vignettes from everyday life anchored by Irrfan Khan.

This campaign is one of the perfect celebrity endorsement examples where the brand personality matches that of the celebrity. 

This supremely matched celebrity endorsement of the brand launched Syska as the leader in the LED Lights category and a master brand in multiple consumer categories since then.

Celebrity Endorsement- Things to Consider

To increase brand awareness and success, consider these things before going for celebrity endorsement.

1. How will celebrity endorsement enhance the brand image and benefit it?

2. Is a particular celebrity the right fit for your brand?

3. What are the pros and cons of associating with a particular celebrity?

4. Will celebrity marketing be the main channel for your brand communications? 

To make the celebrity endorsement work, you have to match the celebrity with the brand so that the partnership makes sense.

Your celebrity marketing should target the right consumer base. 
A celebrity's relationship with the brand should look authentic and not forced.

You cannot imagine Virat Kohli or Salman Khan promoting a makeup brand.

But they are the right fit for promoting lifestyle products, clothing brands, and energy drinks.

Celebrity Endorsement Example Focusing on a Target Audience

As a celebrity endorsement example that leveraged the right fit, let's look into the Syska wires campaign featuring Amitabh Bachchan.

Syska has already established itself as a major brand in LED lights and personal and grooming accessories.

Now they were expanding their market base by launching electricalwires. 

The goal was to target the decision-makers in the wires category while synergizing with the overall Syska brand.

The average age of people who take wiring decisions in the retail space is 40-45 years.

These are the people that are constructing homes for themselves or renovating flats and apartments for personal use.

For large buildings and complexes, the wiring decisions are taken by senior architects and builders who are also in an older age group.

To target these decision-makers, By Design decided on a brand ambassador that appealed to this user group and also had universal acceptance among the broader and younger demographics of Syska's consumer base.

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was chosen as the brand ambassador of Syska wires. His personality and public image matched the overall Syska brand values of authenticity, trust, and innovation.

The result of this celebrity endorsement led to Syska wires establishing itself as a major player in the highly competitive wires market.

Different Types of Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrities can endorse your products and services in different ways.

Here are some of the popular celebrity endorsement examples.

1. Through ads and commercials on mass media, social media, and newspaper and banner ads. 

Roma Switches by Panasonic featuring Sonam Kapoor and J Hampstead campaign featuring Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra are some of these celebrity endorsement examples from By Design.

2. Celebrity endorsement by appearing in live and virtual events.

3. Branded signature product lines with a celebrity name directly behind the product. 

Virat Kohli's "Wrogn" clothing brand and Hrithik Roshan's "HRX" brand are such celebrity endorsement examples. 

4. Celebrities act as a spokesperson for a particular brand, product, or cause.

How By Design Does it 

By Design is a leading creative agency that provides the full range of branding and marketing solutions.

We help generate the right publicity and buzz for your brand  through perfectly matched celebrity endorsements.

Through thorough research and testing, we ensure that the celebrity is the right fit for your brand and message.

These include parameters like popularity, relevance, target audience, positive image, price range, and synergy with the chosen celebrity's other current endorsements.

Finally, we create 360-degree celebrity endorsement campaigns that highlight your products and services and create a favorable perception of your brand.

Final Thoughts

By Design's philosophy is to keep our client's business interests and the consumer’s core concerns in mind before devising a marketing strategy.

Through our targeted celebrity endorsement strategy, we will reposition your brand, attract new audiences and move your customers to action. 

Get in touch with us or email at to improve your brand recognition, get the results you want, and create an impactful brand identity today.