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What Is Outdoor Advertising? 

Let’s discuss its definition and types.

Whilst digital marketing may be emerging as an effective method of marketing and advertising right now, traditional methods of outdoor media advertising still have a lot to offer. Most businesses are using different types of outdoor advertising to get the desired results and be found in the local region. 

This article will provide you with an ultimate guide on what is outdoor media, its types, benefits, and lots more facts. It will help you in making your campaign successful. 

What is Outdoor Media?

Outdoor advertising, outdoor media, or out-of-home advertising (OOH advertising) is one of the most popular offline advertising methods that display promotions outside and reach your target market or customers when they are outside their homes.

Main Types of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is of different types, each having the ability to reach a large audience. The common types of outdoor advertising are listed below. 

1. Posters

Advertising posters are the right way if you are searching for a temporary low-cost advertising option. It can be completely personalized to best fit your campaign requirements and branding. 

2. Billboard Advertising

Billboards are large-format posters placed in areas having a huge crowds like city centres, close to high-traffic highways, etc. They are a cost-effective and highly efficient mode of outdoor media advertising because these are hard to avoid.

3. Wall Stickers

Decals used for indoor and outdoor advertising are considered wall stickers. This form of advertising is good for restaurants, shops, bars, and cafes.

4. Transit Advertising

It refers to the ads placed on public transport such as sides of buses, taxis, subway cars, etc. These adverts better gain the tourists’ attention to your business because these people always search for related places within the region.

5. Digital Outdoor Advertising

This form of outdoor media advertising uses electronic technology to change the content that appeared on the screen. 

6. Mall Advertising

Ads placed inside shopping centres or shopping malls are known as mall advertising. You can see retail advertising as posters, colourful signage, mall displays, and other forms.

7. Street Furniture

This type of outdoor media advertising is applied not only to park benches or buses, but to news racks, bus shelters, telephone kiosks, and other benches in public areas.

8. Printed Flags

Printed flags, also known as promotional flags, are good for indoor and outdoor media advertising. You can tailor them to match your branding needs.

Alongside these, outdoor advertising companies are providing services for many more types of outdoor advertising. It includes A-frames, PVC banners, signage boards, and Vinyl floor stickers. Use the best one considering your business advertising needs. 

Pros of Outdoor Advertising

  • The people have no control over whether they should see or ignore your outdoor advertising. Hence, it makes your campaign more impactful for a prolonged time. 

  • The audience spends about 70% of their day outside their home. So, they will see your ads whenever they pass through city centres daily. 

  • The expressive message and creative nature of outdoor ads are more likely to get attention from the target audience

  • Outdoor advertising, compared to other types of advertising, provides cost-effective solutions. Billboard advertising is the best outdoor media example placed on the sides of a bus. It creates customer impressions at comparatively lower marketing costs. 

  • Strategic placement of outdoor ads triggers the right emotional response from the audience and supports impulse purchasing.

How to Make Outdoor Advertising Campaign Effective?

To improve the effectiveness of your outdoor ads campaign, use eye-catching designs that get the attention of the target audience. Use catchy slogans, bold colours, and concise font with immense clarity. Go out of the box to identify what your prospective audience will find appealing. Pick the right location for your ads and customize the design based on your campaign objective.   


Outdoor media advertising can give your business a strong edge ahead of the competition, improve brand credibility, and widen the customer base. Small as well as large businesses can target higher localized customers in their region. 

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1. What is outdoor media with examples?

Any form of advertising that straight reaches the target audience when they are outside i.e. not at their home is known as outdoor media. For example, wallscapes, billboards, street furniture advertising, aeroplane banners, construction advertising, etc.

2. What is the best example of outdoor media?

Billboard advertising is one of the best examples of outdoor media because it helps in creating efficient brand awareness and getting increased sales volume. Since most audience looks at billboards, they have a huge appeal. 

3. What is the purpose of outdoor media?

The main purpose of OOH or outdoor media advertising is to directly interact with the target people when they are away from their homes.